Questions You Are Dying To Ask Us!


1. What is Travenary?

It comes from the word Travel Itinerary.
Our top mission is to plan,source (and book if you want us to!) flights and accommodation with the best deals. No hidden cost!


2. How do you guys start planning? You know nothing, Travenary.

This will be based on the Information Form that you have to fill up on our website. It is a pretty short one so don’t worry. It helps us to get to know you better and plan a detailed and amazing trip for you!


3. How much does it cost for a Travenary?

Travenary prices are broken down as follows:


4. How do I know when my Travenary is completed and where do you send it?

Our Travel Experts team will drop you an email with a subject line


5.  How long does it take for you to complete creating the Travenary?



6. Must I make full payment before or after I actually receive the Travenary?

All payments must be made before we send the Travenary over to you.


7. How does your payment method work if i want you to book the whole trip for me?

Lets say you wanted a detailed Travenary for Canada. The fixed deposit for North America is $180

Once we crafted the Travenary, we will then email you the total cost.

Total cost includes only the airfare, accommodation and car rental(if you opt to drive).

Lets say the total cost of your trip is: $2000

A 10% service charge deposit must be made before we hand over the
Travenary: 10%*$2000 = $200 . We will send you the Travenary within 24 hours. 

Once payment above is done and you are happy with the Travenary, the remaining cost to be transferred is: $2000-$200= $1800

Once payment is in, we will make ALL the necessary booking arrangements. Updates will be given after every booking through email so as to keep you in the loop.


8. How does your payment method work if I just want the Travenary?

Lets say you wanted a detailed Travenary for Canada. The fixed deposit for North America is $180

Once we receive the fixed deposit, we will send you the Travenary via email once done! Voila!


9. How do I ask you guys to do the Travenary AND book everything?

In every Information Form, there is an option to choose whether you want us to do the booking or you would prefer booking the trip yourself. 


10. How long in advance should I plan for my trips?

A few months in advance would be great! The more time you give us to plan and book, the cheaper the flight and accommodation gets. The nearer the date, the more expensive, naturally. Unless of course, we spot flight and accommodation deals!!


11. How detailed and structured is the Travenary?

Engage our services to find out! You wouldn’t know if you don’t try. From accommodation, to car rental to the nearest petrol station if you are road tripping – we’ve got you covered! 


12.  What if everything is booked and paid, can I make changes to it?

Flight time and date changes are not allowed.
Accommodation, car rental and other activity changes are allowed. 1st request for changes is free of charge. Subsequent requests is chargeable at $20 per change. 


13. What if I’m overseas and I need to cancel the Travenary?

Deposits are non-refundable after 3 days from the time of transfer. Do plan your schedule!


14. Do the price differ for peak and non-peak period travel dates?

Yes. It does. Peak periods are usually March, June and December. But ofcourse, we will try our best to secure the best price for flights and accommodation.


15. What currency are the payment in?

Singapore Dollars (SGD).


16.  Is this planning of Travenary available wordwide?

YES DEFINITELY! Without a doubt!

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