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Jasper National Park is located in Canada’s Rocky Mountain and is considered the largest national park! With about 10,878 kilometres of space, Jasper is filled with alpine meadows, glaciers, glorious mountains and wild rivers! With the vast amount of land, hiking trails alone covers some staggering 1200 kilometres and not forgetting , the unforgettable scenic drives.

Jasper and Banff are linked via the beautiful Icefields Parkway. With its unparalleled beauty, the Icefields Parkway will be one of the best scenic drives around as it  straddles the Continental Divide.

Aside from drop dead gorgeous sceneries, Jasper is home to many bighorn sheeps, mule deers, grizzly bears, mountain lions and wolves. This makes Jasper national park one of the great protected ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains! With their vast wilderness, Jasper National Parks hold tours to explore wildlife in the region!



Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a population of almost 5.6 million. It prides itself on being the hub for business, finance, arts and culture. It is also home to music, theatre, motion picture, television production and other cultural institutions, such as numerous museums and galleries. In total, Toronto attracts about 25 million tourists each year! Filled with entertainment, food and people from diverse background, what is there not to fall in love with this city!

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Lucerne, is a popular and picturesque city located in central Switzerland with a population of about 81,057. The city is surrounded by an impressive mountainous panorama! It’s attractions focused on souvenirs and watch shops, the gorgeous lakeside settings and tours up the mountains of the Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn. This city is definitely not one to miss when you are travelling around Switzerland!

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